Marketing trends in 2021: The unwritten new rules of SEO

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Why are they unwritten? Because the content is unwritten, for the most part.

Optimising for searches online is going beyond search terms and towards image searches, voice searches (i.e. asking home assistants like Siri or Alexa questions), and even when it is with search terms, having multimedia on your pages helps boost your score.

As a result, your website and future content needs to have this in mind with a stream of planned media content, and posts that address questions frequently asked by your prospective clients. Doing this will help get more people to your website and purchasing your services.

The voice search feature is touted to be the most sought after now, with the so-called ‘position zero’ or ‘featured snippet’ positioning the brand in that position as a thought leader on that topic making viewers far more likely to engage with them. Furthermore, those snippets are the ones that the Google Assistant will then read out if a relevant question is asked.

Another big SEO area is local. If you’re a local business, you should ensure that your local listing on Google and other directories is accurate and
that you use local keywords.

Things to do:

  • Make a list of content that you can create that’s tailored for voice searches. Think of things that your prospective clients would ask to engage a sale and create a post that answers it those questions in a direct and conversational manner. Check featured snippets already on Google to see how they’re written.
  • Always include alternative text with your images online so that they can be scored correctly for image searches.
  • Include SEO keywords in the file names of your images so they are more likely to be picked up by search engines.
  • Use top-quality images and videos. The phones and computers people use nowadays demand it and quality will be part of the algorithms.
  • Ensure your local listings with directories and Google My Business are accurate and constantly updated.
  • This one’s a big one: make sure that your website complies with Google’s Core Web Vitals as they will form the basis of the Page Experience element of your SEO ranking in 2021.

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