Marketing trends in 2021: Social media in a digital-first marketplace

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Social media saw a resurgence this year in light of the pandemic, with an over 50% year-on-year increase in new customer acquisition from social media platforms in 2020 and a two-thirds increase in the number of “baby boomers” who are readily searching for new brands and products via social media.

That means that social media is now pulling a wider, more profitable audience. As a result, the rules have changed somewhat:

  • 57% of consumers follow a company on social media looking to find out more about products and services, as well as updates and further information.
  • Half of online shoppers now purchase products or services using social channels directly such as Facebook or Instagram, making it important to add shopping options wherever possible and appropriate.
  • Customer service is now a large part of social media for businesses as part of the digitalisation of the customer journey. Half of consumers have said they would unfollow brands online who offer poor customer service, with 79% expecting responses to queries and issues within 24 hours.
  • Two-thirds of consumers engage with images and half with video, making them the most popular engagement modes. Live video and interactive content including quizzes, surveys, and competitions are becoming more in vogue and returning the most engagement for its investment.
  • Almost half of social media users depend on suggestions in their feeds to discover new accounts to follow and products to buy from social media. As such, businesses need to tailor their profiles to related industries.

Businesses that combine innovative digital processes and experiences alongside marketing campaigns designed to get from promotion to purchase as quickly as possible will generate the most return-on-investment.

Things to do:

  • Create a social media marketing plan that addresses the customer journey from promotion through to aftercare, including the shopping
    element where appropriate.
  • Ensure that whoever is responsible for customer care has access to your social media channels in order to answer care queries.
  • All content should be planned to be informative or promotional, and have some multimedia included, whether this be an image, video, or link.

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