Marketing trends in 2021: Find your purpose

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“Find your purpose” in this context has both a practical and an ethical meaning behind it.

From a practical standpoint, the current climate is one where consumers will be required to cut back on luxuries and as such, all businesses will need to find their purpose to consumers and what the brands mean to them in their everyday lives. This is also heightened in a pandemic world where interactions with brands are less well known, but their physical absence is obviously noted.

On the ethical side, the world has seen a huge rise in activism in regards to sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, ethics, etc. As such, consumer habits have been affected with brands that seen to understand the pulse of the people and current events are more inclined to be remembered for it long term. Four out of five consumers could recall companies that reacted and changed positively to the pandemic, and also feel strongly that brands should be looking to be sustainable.

Leaning into purpose both practically and ethically will help create a brand perception that people want to invest in.

Things to do:

  • Analyse your products, services, and audience. How can you make your products and services vital to your audience?
  • Analyse your company’s position on sustainability and the ethical issues of the day. If you’re supportive, what can you do to show your clients that you understand and want to use your brand to assist the cause?

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