Our mission is to help businesses grow and maximise their potential

We help businesses grow their client base and build their brand through digital marketing and print media graphic design. Our mission is to identify and take advantage of all available marketing channels to you and build a brand that works to your clients’ needs and maximises your potential.

Focused on setting solid foundations through proper planning, and tailoring strategies to your goals, we look to increase the chances of success even if we can’t guarantee results ourselves!

We’ve walked the walk, so we can talk the talk for your business

Our team has walked the walk, and wants to do the same for you as you talk up your brand and your business to your audience to build your client base.

Davinder Bal, Director at Colmore Creative, has ran a number of businesses including a law firm, television channels, and charitable organisations, for decades. Alongside being an owner for businesses of many shapes and sizes over the years, he has always had an interest in understanding local businesses and putting them in touch with others to build them up.

Josh Henwood, Creative Director at Colmore Creative, has six years experience heading up a marketing department at a law firm, and has assisted with charitable and community organisations across Birmingham, as well as providing marketing and branding services and consultations to business owners across the Midlands. Looking not only at the individual services such as campaigns, printed material, emails, pay-per-click advertising, but also at the customer journey at large and how you can integrate software and services to provide better marketing for you and your clients.

We’ve walked the walk, so we can talk the talk for your business

Colmore Creative takes its name from the area it was inspired by. The Colmore district in Birmingham is home to a bustling business scene connected by their desire to grow and realise their potential together.

The businesses in the area lift each other up and create a positive commercial atmosphere that helps fuel businesses in the area no matter their size. It is this positivity and creativity which inspires our name, because the more that businesses of all shapes and sizes thrive, the more that the community benefits.

out-of-the-box marketing packages

We offer three cost-effective marketing packages to handle your marketing and design needs in a way that saves money but doesn’t scrimp on quality
or expertise. Whether you’re looking to expand your brand by installing a dedicated marketer, or looking to outsource to keep costs down or increase the skillset, even our most expensive package is 66% less than hiring an experienced marketer full-time.


£300 per month

Create and manage your marketing channels, turning your content into engaging material for your audience, and make your processes more customer focused.

Create and implement marketing plans and campaigns

Create and/or maintain marketing channels including your website, social media channels and email marketing

Takes your content and puts it into channels to implement plans such as social media posts, emails, etc.


£625 per month

Grow your brand through content creation that engages audiences in the conversations they’re having to develop leads, and through online ad campaigns to build your base.

Everything in start

Content creation including tailored web posts, interactive content, and graphic design

PR writing & distribution

Pay-per-click ad campaign management


£950 per month

Maximise your potential with comprehensive marketing strategies, connected marketing tools and campaigns that gain new clients and retain and monetise your current base.

Everything in grow

Automated campaign tools including A/B testing and email marketing journeys

Large print design options such as brochures and catalogues

Video creation options

You can also create your own package or take us up on our day rate, speak to us on how we can tailor a package for you